My name is Emily Beth, the author (& Instagrammer) of The Autism Teacher.

It is my deepest aspiration to help children with Autism Spectrum Disorder work towards a life where they can live as independently as possible, with a positive self-concept, & surrounded by supportive friends. A large part of working towards something so special is through the empowerment of families, teachers, & therapists.

My recipe for this includes…

  1. Spreading love, encouragement, & awareness. 
  2. Sharing meaningful experiences that others can relate to.
  3. Supplying tried & true resources & inspiration for home & classroom settings.

They say “teaching is a work of heart,” but for some of us teaching is our WHOLE heart!

There have been many honest teaching attempts that required several rounds of modification. In the midst of all these trials, errors, & success stories, I realized that part of committing myself to being a true advocate for kids on the Spectrum means that I must shareI must share all that has been proven to work with other teachers, parents, & the Autism community at large. By only helping a special but very small network of people is no longer enough for a world that needs so much more.

Thank you for being here, truly. Whether your interest in the world of Autism is small or overwhelming, you are a special person to me. Let’s make a difference.

Emily Beth